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Beatrix 1.2

Industries & Keyword Finetuning


New Product Updates

Beatrix is the easiest way to create social media content for your company or clients' social channels. Every few weeks we release brand new features, improving the product and service. Here's what's new in our latest 1.2 release.



It's now even easier to get started with Beatrix - just choose an industry. Each industry acts like a "package" of popular keywords - and you can add on custom keywords too. View the full list on our use cases page.


Keyword Finetuning

We wanted to give granular controls over keywords / content but wanted to keep Beatrix easy to use. Here's our solution - simply slide the handle to indicate if you want more or less of any keyword. Simple and effective!

Enjoy using Beatrix 1.2

Thousands of businesses use Beatrix to create awesome content for social media. Now it's your turn.

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