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Beatrix 1.3

Auto Twitter Hashtags & Mobile Optimization


New Product Updates

Beatrix is the easiest way to create social media content for your company or clients' social channels. Every few weeks we release brand new features, improving the product and service. Here's what's new in our latest 1.3 release.


Phone & Tablet Optimization

Many of you use Beatrix from a mobile device. In v3 your queue page now scales up and down gracefully whatever screen size you're on. Great for making adjustments to your queue on the go.


6 New Industries

We've listened to your feedback and added brand new industries to our supported industries list. New industries include education, sports, pets and more. View the full list on our use cases page.


Auto Twitter Hashtag

With the new auto hashtag option switched on, Beatrix will automatically add keyword hashtags to outgoing posts. For example, Beatrix will add #travel to a travel-related post. Adding hashtags like this can increase the discoverability of your social channels.

Enjoy using Beatrix 1.3

Thousands of businesses use Beatrix to create awesome content for social media. Now it's your turn.

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