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Beatrix 1.4

Over 100,000 Keywords


New Product Updates

Beatrix is the easiest way to create social media content for your company or clients' social channels. Every few weeks we release brand new features, improving the product and service. Here's what's new in our latest 1.4 release.


Keyword Priority & Health

Keyword priority is now available for all custom keywords. This allows customers to say for example that "cats" is more important than "dogs" on a pet-related social media channel, which Beatrix will take into account when suggesting content. Also shown is the "health" of a keyword which indicates how much content Beatrix is able to find.


Over 100,000 New Keywords

We are happy to announce that Beatrix now accepts user-defined custom keywords — just type a keyword and as long as you're not too niche, Beatrix will find content for you. With over a hundred thousand possible keywords and our priority slider feature, you now have an infinite level of flexibility when creating content preferences.

Enjoy using Beatrix 1.4

Thousands of businesses use Beatrix to create awesome content for social media. Now it's your turn.

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