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Beatrix 1.5

The Magical Wizard Button


New Product Updates

Beatrix is the easiest way to create social media content for your company or clients' social channels. Every few weeks we release brand new features, improving the product and service. Here's what's new in our latest 1.5 release.


A Super Fast New Workflow

The new Wizard button helps you work faster and smarter. Beatrix now shows you how many unchecked posts you have in the queue. Click the Wizard button to begin!


Work Through Your Queue in Seconds

The Wizard is a simple and fast way to work through content Beatrix has suggested, to ensure your queue contains content you like. Approve a post, and Beatrix shuffles to the next post automatically. Within seconds you'll be at the bottom of your queue with a week's worth of awesome social content planned out.


Plan up to 2 Weeks Ahead

We are happy to announce that Beatrix now allows you to plan your social content up to 2 weeks in advance. Plan even more content, in even less time - thanks to the Wizard!

Enjoy using Beatrix 1.5

Thousands of businesses use Beatrix to create awesome content for social media. Now it's your turn.

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