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Beatrix 1.6

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New Product Updates

Beatrix is the easiest way to create social media content for your company or clients' social channels. Every few weeks we release brand new features, improving the product and service. Here's what's new in our latest 1.6 release.


Custom Feeds

Beatrix already goes out and finds web content based on your keywords and helps you schedule content for your social channels. But what if you have a specific blog or website that you want Beatrix to watch and select content from? Now you can with the Custom Feed feature!


Works with RSS and Twitter @usernames

Beatrix can follow both blog or website RSS / Atom feeds as well as people on Twitter. Get Beatrix to follow your favorite Twitter influencers to keep an eye out for interesting content they are sharing.


Custom Content in Your Queue

Just like other content, custom content shows up in the Beatrix suggestion box when you're choosing new content for your queue. Simply click to approve and add the content to your queue! Now it's even easier to get just the right kind of content you want in your Beatrix queue.

Enjoy using Beatrix 1.6

Thousands of businesses use Beatrix to create awesome content for social media. Now it's your turn.

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