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25 Ways to Promote Your Twitter Account

by Jon Yongfook 17 Oct 2013

Twitter is a great tool for participating in conversations and generally engaging with your audience. But how do you build that audience? Here's 25 tactics you can use to maximize your chances of growing your twitter following.

1. Optimize Your Posting Times

It's no good posting to your social channels if you post at times when your audience isn't online. Try to get an understanding for when your audience is online, and use social post-scheduling software (Beatrix can help you there) to queue up posts for the best times of day.

2. Don't Lock Your Account

Here's a simple one but you'd be surprised how often it's overlooked - if you want to reach people outside of your existing followers, you have to be publicly tweeting! Unlock that account and don't be shy :)

3. Post Your Twitter URL Anywhere You Can Think Of

The more exposure you give your account, the more you'll encourage people to check you out. Here are some ideas:

  • Email signature, forum signature, Facebook "about" page
  • On your website and email newsletters, add a follow button
  • Printed collateral such as business cards, letterheads, beer coasters(!)

4. Leave Enough Space for Retweets

Twitter has a dedicated retweet button now but some people still retweet the old-fashioned way by prefixing your post with "RT @name" - however they'll only be able to do that if your text fits neatly after this prefix. Too long and they'll have to edit, which can result in people giving up on the retweet. It's not always necessary but something to be mindful of; if you want to give people the chance to retweet an important post, make sure you keep the post short and sweet!

5. Share Links to Great Content

Twitter is a great platform for sharing links and one way to delight your followers (and get them to retweet you) is to share interesting subject matter. Find interesting links relevant to your industry and share them with your audience - again, Beatrix can help you there by automatically creating content plans based on your chosen keywords.

6. Don't Be Afraid to Share Your Best Content Multiple Times

Your followers will accidentally miss your posts now and again - that's the nature of twitter. If you wrote a blog post and it was a hit, don't be afraid to share it multiple times. You can prefix subsequent posts with an honest message like "Wow the response was great on the last post - reposting for those who missed it!" or you can simply post the content again. If you post at a different half of the day, it's likely that you'll be posting to a largely different segment of your audience.

7. Multiple Authors

A company account managed by rotating authors could increase interest levels - sometimes variety in posting style can be a good thing!

8. Use Search

Participate in conversations that are relevant to you by searching for keywords or hashtags relevant to your business and finding conversations you can add to.

9. Ask a Thought-provoking Question

Another type of content that tends to get replied/retweeted is questions - especially if that question is interesting / relevant to a current trending topic. Try asking your audience questions! The Chat Pack feature of Beatrix can help you with that.

10. Post Consistently

Posting 5 times on a Monday and then nothing for the rest of the week? This leaves a bad impression not only to your current followers but also to any newcomers who decide to check out your feed. If you're too busy to tweet regularly, use software to help you plan and spread out tweets - Beatrix can help you there.

11. Balance out your Tweet Types

Any given feed can be a combination of tweets, replies and retweets. Remember to try to evenly distribute these types of content. Avoid retweeting too many times in a row.

12. Share Photos

This goes double for Facebook, where photo-based posts do particularly well - but don't forget the same applies to Twitter. Media posts help to add extra interest to your feed. Even better if you create original content (i.e. actually take a photo!) rather than reposting something you found.

13. Don't Flood The Feed

AKA don't post too often. There's a tipping point where your nice regular posts become jarring and intrusive if that's all your followers see on their feeds because you are posting TOO much. The sweet spot for businesses is 1 ~ 5 posts a day.

14. Use Hashtags Like a Pro

Hashtags help to group tweets by topic and can aid in being discovered by people outside your follower circles. Always be mindful of what hashtags are currently trending (twitter shows you a list next to your feed), and whether you can contribute in an interesting / amusing / authoritative way!

15. Be an Authority

Easier said than done? Maybe, maybe not! Everyone is an authority at something - promote your business by aligning your authoritative topics with your business.

16. Hold a Twitter Competition

It's a bit of a battle-worn tactic, but it still can work. Run a competition on Twitter where the mechanic is to retweet a post, and a winner is drawn, lottery-style. Just make sure that the content you're asking people to retweet is actually worth retweeting in its own right, and not just a hollow promotion of your product or service!

17. Thank / Reward Followers

Give a shoutout to followers who interest you, or new followers (you can use the "follow friday" tradition for this) - this may encourage more followers, although be careful not to do it too often. Follow Friday works best when it's used as a genuine method of sharing whose tweets you enjoy!

18. Encourage Testimonials

If your customer has had a great experience with your product or service, ask them (nicely!) to tweet about it. One of the best forms of validation for new customers / followers, is social proof.

19. Find and Follow Relevant People

Use the search tool and find influencers in your industry. Following relevant people increases your chances of participating in conversations that matter, and getting seen outside of your follower circle.

20. Engage With People

This can mean:

  • Asking your audience questions
  • Responding to people quickly
  • Replying to people you follow
  • etc

All of this adds up into a varied, engaging feed. Any new visitor to your feed will see that you're approaching social media as a two-way interactive channel, which is far more attractive to follow than a one-way branded soapbox!

21. Design Your Page

It sounds obvious, but it's easily overlooked! Make sure your twitter page has attractive and relevant background / header images set. This ensures that if someone comes to your feed to check you out, you leave a great first impression.

22. Be Smart About Your Icon

In a similar vein, make sure your icon scales down nicely as most people will only see a very small version of it on their mobile devices etc. A company logo is a pretty bad choice for a twitter icon - avoid this situation if you can. The best kind of twitter icon is a face of a human being!

23. Write an Awesome Bio

Your twitter bio should be short and to the point - and hint at what people can expect your tweets to be about. Be creative and intelligent, and make sure it's clear that you're an authority on something.

24. Don't use a "Get More Followers" Service

Not only are robot followers worthless, they are also easy to spot to experienced twitter users. So by using spammy "get followers" services you fill your profile with useless bots and also turn off real users from following you - ask yourself, why would a real person want to follow an account only followed by bots?

25. Don't Constantly Market Yourself

Constantly promoting your business is not a good tactic on social media. They point of social media is to engage with your audience and create a relationship with them - which has multiple benefits to you such as increase exposure, loyalty etc. Remember that there are lots of different things you can share via social and it's not always about the latest promotion your business has:

  • Share interesting links you've found
  • Ask interesting questions
  • Share a photo of your team having lunch
  • Share what you're currently obsessed with
  • Promote other awesome people
  • ...and much more!

We hope those 25 ideas help you in promoting your Twitter account and in getting more followers and more participation!

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