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Our Mission:

Our mission is to make it possible for any business to be entertaining, interesting and human on social media - so that they are genuinely worth following and worth interacting with.

We do this by providing a tremendous amount of content for social media managers / business-owners to quickly browse and choose from. Content such as interesting links and viral images, to ideas for text statuses, ideas for photos and more. On top of this is our easy-to-use UI enabling one-click editing and scheduling of content.

Our core values:

Make it fast and easy for people to choose content. We believe the best AI in the world can't compete with a human mind. Other social media apps talk about hi-tech AI or content-picking algorithms - our focus is on making it fast and easy for a human to make the right choices.

Encourage variety. The best Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are full of various types of content - photos of the workplace, funny or inspirational images, text updates such as questions or statements, videos, links... the list goes on and on. Our focus is on helping businesses easily harness the power of variety, for their social channels.

Encourage originality. The best Facebook pages and Twitter accounts have original content. Not just content found from other places, but content created by the business itself, such as behind-the-scenes photos, videos or written content. Our focus is on making it easy to get inspiration for and create this type of original content.

At Beatrix we are 100% against social media spam.
Here are some thing's you'll never see on Beatrix:

We don't do "autopilot". Beatrix is meant to be used by a person to choose, edit and schedule content. There will never be a setting on Beatrix that just auto-chooses and posts endlessly with no human supervision. Social media is about people and we believe the best results come from having people involved in the process. Other social media tools promote their "autopilot" feature. These are tools for spammers, which we are actively against.

We don't do endless posting of links. We hate seeing Facebook pages or Twitter accounts that are just an endless stream of links, obviously run by a bot. It's boring! No real human will follow / like accounts like that. Beatrix encourages posting of varied content such as images, links, texts and more. And not just content found from other places; Beatrix also gives you ideas and tools for creating your own original content.

We don't blast the same content to 20 different social channels. Our philosophy is fewer channels, higher quality content. We believe that given the choice between A) active loyal audiences on Facebook and Twitter, and B) inactive audiences across many different social channels - most businesses would choose (A). That's what we work towards.

We hope you now have a better understanding of our mission. We have a long journey ahead but we're going to have fun doing it, and we hope that through Beatrix we can help make your social media channels more active, more fun and more social too :)


Mission_sig Jon Yongfook Cockle
Founder, Beatrix