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Beatrix for Autos

Perfect for Car Dealers and Car Rental Companies


Easily create social media content about autos

Beatrix is a social media virtual assistant — she searches the web and suggests autos-related content for you to post on social media. Beatrix is a fast and easy way to plan and post a consistent stream of great content to your company or clients' social channels, every week, every month.

Beatrix helps you find interesting autos-related content for your company or clients' social media accounts

Advanced keyword controls and custom keywords available when you sign up

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Are you managing social for a car dealership or rental shop?

Beatrix makes it easy to plan your social media strategy by suggesting autos-related links, images, text and more for your social media channels. Beatrix is ideal if you're managing social for a car dealership or rental shop. Posting regular updates to your social channels helps new potential customers feel like you're more human than the competition, helps to keep existing customers engaged and loyal, and can introduce new customers to you via social sharing and word of mouth.

Thousands of businesses use Beatrix to create awesome content for social media. Now it's your turn.

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